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So you are looking for a name to give for your baby? irish baby girl names are very popular for baby girls no matter of their ethnic backround. This is simply because Irish baby girl names are just so lovely and after all choosing the name for ones baby is an important decision. So check out the baby names here and see if you like them!

Irish Baby Girl Names

Now here are the most beautiful Irish baby girl names and their meanings. Good luck choosing the name for your baby!

Aoife (pronounced EE-fe) - Derived from the Old Irish name Aífe, which means goddess, someone who is beautiful and joyful in nature.

Adara - Entirely Irish in origin.

Alanis - This baby girl name means beautiful and bright.

Arleen - One form of Irish baby name Arlene.

Ashling - Extremely popular name in Ireland, it stands for a beautiful woman as per the legend.

Ashlyn - The name Ashlyn means vision and dream.

Breanna - One form of the baby name Briana

Brenda - Suitable baby name for someone with a fiery personality.

Briana - This name is feminine form of Brian and indicates strong, virtuous and honorable!

Bridget - Strong spirited. Popular baby girl name in Ireland

Caitlin - This name signifies a girl who is pure.

Carlynn - A form of baby name Carlin.

Ciara - Someone who has dark hair and brown eyes.

Cassidy - ”Clever”

Cordelia - This beautiful Irish baby girl name means a sea jewel

Darcy - This bay girl name was derived from the surname O'Dorchaidhe that means descendant of the dark one.

Deirdre - A name for a baby girl that means ”sorrowful” or ”wanderer”.


Erin - This Irish name for girls means peace.

Finola - means ”fair-shouldered”. This baby name was very popular in the medieval period

Gladys - Any baby girl would love this name since it means Princess.

Grania - Some Experts feel that this was the name of the Irish goddess of grain.

Granuaile - This was the name of the most remarkable woman in Irish history.Thi s name for baby girls is also well known as the poetic symbol of Ireland.

Iona - This baby girl name means someone who is truly blessed.

Isleen - A variation of the other baby names Aislinn and Ashling.

Keira - Means someone that is dusky and beautiful.

Kacey - This popular baby girl name means someone who considered is eagle eyed.

Katalina - One form of the baby name Caitlin


Keanna - ”Beautiful”

Kenzie - This Irish baby name is a short form of Mackenzie

Kerry - Means dark haired. One of the most beautiful counties in whole Ireland also has this name.

Lana - Means someone who is attractive and peaceful.

Líadan - A poetess.

Mairead - A baby name that signifies a person who is beautiful as a pearl.

Megan - One form of the name Margaret.

Molly - means bitterness and sorrow.

Muriel - Means the shining sea.

Nessa - An extremely old Irish baby girl name. Nessa means someone who is gentle in nature.

Oona - Means unity.

Orinda - Light skinned and white.

Patricia - A baby girl name that means ”noble”.

Rosaleen - ”Rose”

Ryann - The little ruler.

Sabia - Means a girl who is sweet.

Shannon - This baby name for girls means small and wise.

Shayla - One Form of the name Shay.

Síomha - ”Peace and goodness”. This Irish baby name is derived from an old name Síthmaith.

Siobhan - Personifies all good things about being an Irish girl.

Sheila - This popular baby girl name means a divine place.

Tara - Name of the ancient seat of the High King of Ireland.

Úna - Signifies unity. Was originally the name of the daughter of the king of Lochlainn. This is also a very popular Irish baby girl name.